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Dexter “Helter Skelter” RECAP Season 7 Episode 9

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This week’s episode of Dexter titled ‘Helter Skelter’ was really good and the drama was higher than it has ever been.  You definitely cannot miss this one if you are following the show.  Check out the recap below.

Dexter Morgan starts out on a boating expedition with Hannah McKay and the two seem to be enjoying themselves together. Out of the blue Dexter receives a call from work and suddenly has to leave on short notice.

At the same time Isaak Sirko, the head of the Ukranian mob requests the help and services of Dexter. He gives Dexter an Ultimatum of exposing himself and his safety or helping him take care of a little problem. Isaak explains there is a contract on is life and the killer is already in Miami preying on Jim.

As Dexter makes his way to the crime scene he bumps into his sister Debra Morgan and strikes up a convo.  He admits that her love for Dexter is “logical” and he understands why she feels that way.

When Dexter finally arrives home he is confronted by Sirko and the two decide to work out their differences seeing that Sirko has taken Dexter’s love Hannah and captured her. The two sit down and do extensive research on the two assassins and decide how to execute their plan. Sirko asks Dexter why he kills and how he could possibly leave for food as his lovers life hangs in the balance. Dexter simply states that he will find out Dexter’s motives for murder if Hannah is harmed.

Dexter asks Debra to help him save Hannah and also get rid of Sirko. The two talk for a while and Debraends up going into a long speech and end sits with how she will help Dexter but not for Hannah’s sake;it’s for his.

LaGuerta is off an around town and decides to pay a visit to a well known Miami Metro Retiree, Tom who meddles in other people’s affairs. She explains how she believes the Bay Harbor Butcher is still at large and requests his help to find them. Tom rudely declines her offer and states that Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher period.

Debra and Dexter continue to have their own issues and Deb really worries about Dexter’s well being. Dexter then goes and takes out one of the two assassins and prepares to kill the second. The two decide to use Dexter as bait and then lure him into his fate.

Tom ultimately comes crawling back to LaGuerta and admits he was sour earlier about not wanting to help her. He says he was really hurt that LaGuerta prevented him from receiving his full benefits package, but understands whys he needs his help. The two then sit down to eat together.

At the same time, Hannah McKay and her caretaker are having another kind of meal.. She poisons her capturer and then knocks him unconscious, but then she passes out after being stabbed in the stomach. The two, capturer and capturee lay on the floor and one is found dead by Debra Morgan a little time later.

Returning to the action with Dexter and Isaak, the two are successful in their quest to kill both assassins but failed to leave unharmed. Sirko ultimately is betrayed by a third member of his enemies and decides to die where his lover Viktor is. Ironically this is where Dexter dumped him in the water and Sirko eventually lays where Viktor is at the bottom of the ocean.

Debra Morgan is then seen visiting Hannah McKay in the hospital and the two have a heart to heart conversation. At the end of the episode the triangle of love and confusion is all together as Dexter enters the hospital room where Hannah and Debra are. Debra doesn’t seem to happy about the two reuniting but is happy that Dexter is happy. Dexter ultimately breaks down and is on the verge of tears as he releases his emotions and feelings for Hannah.

This is a really great episode and one you don’t want to miss if you are an avid fan like myself.


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