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Dexter (Showtime) Season 7 Episode 5 “Swim Deep” RECAP

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In this weeks episode of Dexter the pressure is really picking up for Debra Morgan and her brother Dexter Morgan.  Since the opening episode of the season the two have kept the very big secret of Dexter’s second life as a serial killer.

Vince Masuka is worried again about his job when he confesses to Debra that he allowed LaGuerta to send a blood sample found at Travis Marshall’s murder scene to an outside agency.  With all signs pointing that Maria LaGuerta is hiding something Debra asks her why she had them sent to an outside lab.  LaGuerta explains her theory of James Doakes’ innocence and that the Bay Harbor Butcher may still be alive.

Maria LaGuerta is on to Dexter’s trail, but all she knows is that Doakes may not have actually been the infamous Bay Harbor Butcher.  Lucky for Dexter his sister Debra is pretty smart and helps him avoid detection and able to remain under Miami Metro’s radar.  The cover is almost blown when LaGuerta requests photos from the wedding of one of the Bay Harbor Butcher’s victims.  LaGuerta has a hunch that the killer may have attended the wedding prior to the murder, and believe it or not she is right.  Unfortunately the true killer, as revealed to the audience, Dexter is in those pictures.  Debra is able to get them brought back to Miami Metro for collection and evidence, no ultimately removes the ones her brother can be seen in.

Another twist in the plot is when Dexter comes face to face with Isaac Sirko, the head of the Ukrainian mob, with whom he has developed a beef.  Eventually instead of killing Sirko through an elaborate mouse trap Dexter sets up, he ends upsetting himself up.  He pinned two major drug lords against each other in a mutual meeting assuming Sirko would be killed; instead Sirko overpowered his opponents that outnumbered him and walked away unscratched.

This left him very angry and more suspicious of Dexter.  Eventually Dexter gives in to Debra’s reasoning and allows Sirko to be arrested by Miami Metro instead of killing him himself.  Dexter then goes to visit Sirko in jail and asks him if everything is over now that he is behind bars.  Sirko then goes on to tell a story of his relative that was very patient and waited many years to get revenge; ultimately he tells Dexter ‘No’.  The episode ends with Debra’s and Dexter’s safety being up in the air and more tension than ever…



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