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The Hofner Club 50 – A Classic Rock’n’Roll Guitar

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Hofner has been building guitars since the early 1950s. They have excelled at creating hand crafted classic guitars that have been used by jazz and country musicians, and have seen the birth of rock’n’roll.

At the very beginnings of the rock’n’roll movement, German guitar makers Hofner has produced a range of six strings and basses. These guitars have been played by by some of the most famous musicians on the planet, and continue to do so. Over these decades, Hofner guitars have seen a lot, and built during the infancy of pop music was the Hofner Club 50 guitar.

In 1956, the Hofner Club 50 was produced, adapted from the previous Club 40 guitars. Both were hollow body models, and the Club 50 was a two pick up model with either an oval or square console, with three sliders. This classic shape grew more and more popular with musicians finding their sound in these heady days during the birth of rock.

The Club 50 has been one of those guitars that, while not as widely renowned as the Gibson Les Paul or the Fender Stratocaster, has certainly shaped popular music. This is epitomised by two of the Club 50′s most famous players, both of whom are known for completely different musical styles, and thoroughly accomplished in their fields.

Known as the man who taught the world to play guitar, Bert Weedon has been instrumental in teaching literally generations of musicians. Incorporating the musical styles of classical, jazz, rock’n’roll and many more, Weedon’s skills have inspired some of the world’s most famous guitarists.

Over the decades, his books have offered practical tips and tricks; Eric Clapton himself once said that it was Weedon’s books that gave some key hints to improve his playing. Queen’s Brian May has also paid homage to the abilities of this remarkable guitarist. The tuition books and CDs are still as essential now as they used to be, teaching a whole new generation of guitarists, inspired by the rock’n’roll played on that Hofner Club 50.

When looking at British rock music, the sheer number of memorable, ground breaking and extraordinary bands is breathtaking. I could attempt to name them, but it’s a long list! Without denigrating the achievements of British bands of today, there is something of a Golden Age of British rock music from the 60′s and seventies. From this era came Deep Purple, and its gifted lead guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore.

Everyone knows the riff to Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water, but Blackmore was responsible for really refining the rock guitar riff. As a condition of buying him a guitar, Blackmore’s father insisted he learned how to play classically. Of course, the lure of rock’n’roll and the blues drove the young Ritchie Blackmore, and needed the right guitar to perfect his sound. Among the earlies guitars in his collection, it was the Hofner Club 50 that could really deliver!

This surprisingly versatile electric guitar is still produced by Hofner today, and continues to be part of music history in the making. Even from those heady days of the 50′s and 60′s, through to the present, you can be sure that the Hofner Club 50 is still part of the music scene.

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