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Movie to See with the Kids…”Epic!” Movie Review

Need something to do with the family for this Memorial Day weekend? Go see Epic with the kids! The movie Epic, is becoming...

CastOnce Upon A TimeTV

David Nolan aka ‘Prince Charming’ – Once Upon A Time Cast

David Nolan David Nolan aka Prince charming is a main character on ABC’s hit television show Once upon A Time, and is portrayed...

CastOnce Upon A TimeTV

Mr. Gold aka ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ – Once Upon A Time Cast

Mr. Gold aka Rumpelstiltskin Mr. Gold is a very important character on ABC’s hit television show Once Upon A Time.  He bounces between good...

CastOnce Upon A TimeTV

Regina Mills aka ‘The Evil Queen’ – Once Upon A Time Cast

Regina Mills Regina Mills is the adoptive mother of Henry Mills and antagonist (The Evil Queen) in the hit television series Once Upon...

CastOnce Upon A TimeTV

Mary Margaret Blanchard aka ‘Snow White’ – Once Upon A Time Cast

Mary Margaret Blanchard Mary Margaret Blanchard of the cast of Once Upon A Time is really well played by actress Ginnifer Goodwin.  Mary Margaret aka...

CastOnce Upon A TimeTV

Emma Swan – Once Upon A Time Cast

Emma Swan Emma Swan is a very critical element in the television series Once Upon A Time.  She is the main character in...

CastOnce Upon A TimeTV

Henry Mills – Once Upon A Time Cast

Henry Mills Henry Mills, who is played by actor Jared Gilmore is an energetic and monumental force in Once Upon A Time and Storybrooke. In...


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