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Emma Swan

Emma Swan is a very critical element in the television series Once Upon A Time.  She is the main character in addition to being the protagonist fighting for the lives and rights of every one in Storybrooke.  She works closely with her enemy Regina Mills (The Evil Queen), and ultimately fights to expose her evil ways.  Emma works along side Henry Mills to look deeper into the meaning of the infamous Fairy Tale book.  She also helps to save Mary Margaret Blanchard in one of her lowest moments.  Emma Swan is a fearless and courageous woman and is respected for her role in Storybrooke.


Storybrooke Bio (Source: ABC)

Emma Swan is a 28 year-old bail bondswoman from Boston who is strong and self-reliant, though still somehow not quite at home in her own skin. Abandoned at birth, Emma grew up in the foster care system. She has learned to rely only on herself, never letting anyone else get close enough to let her down. She takes a special pleasure in out-maneuvering skips on the job, and seems to prefer hauling them in by their ears.

When Emma was 18 years old she got pregnant and, knowing she was in no position to raise a child and wanting to give him the best chance possible, decided to give him up for adoption. But when Henry, her now 10 year-old biological son, runs away from home and hunts her down in Boston, Emma agrees to drive him back home to Storybrooke, Maine.

During the ride, Henry tells her a seemingly outrageous story: everyone in Storybrooke is a fairy tale character trapped in time by the Evil Queen with no memory of who they truly are. He believes Emma is the long-lost daughter of Snow White & Prince Charming and that it is her destiny to free the enchanted inhabitants of Storybrooke.

Of course, Emma doesn’t buy it. She’s a skeptic with an uncanny knack—call it a “superpower”—for knowing when people are lying. But, man, Henry sure does seem to believe what he’s saying. When Emma returns Henry to Regina, Regina tells Emma it’s time for her to leave town and stay out of Henry’s life. Emma knows she doesn’t quite belong in Storybrooke, but something about Regina raises her hackles… and from the moment she decides to stay, strange and mysterious things begin to happen.


Jennifer Morrison on playing Emma Swan:

“Emma Swan is a deeply damaged woman, and a deeply conflicted woman. She is a survivor, and used to being a loner, and therefore a sucker for the underdog. Against her better judgement, she will compromise herself to fight for what is right and to help those in need. She is strong and aggressive, but her brokenness and her emotions are not buried far beneath her tough exterior. He first reaction to most things is anger, but she has spent her life trying to manage her temper. She is both rash and calculated, and is forced to deal with her instincts to protect her child, a child she believes she is not capable of mothering. In the simplest form, Emma is a list of contrasting qualities: She is hard and soft; she is intense and easy going; she is strong and vulnerable; she is safe and dangerous; she is logical and impulsive. It is exciting to play a character that is so deeply conflicted and fiercely compelled to fight for what she believes is right.”


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