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Mary Margaret Blanchard aka ‘Snow White’ – Once Upon A Time Cast

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Mary Margaret Blanchard aka 'Snow White'

Mary Margaret Blanchard

Mary Margaret Blanchard of the cast of Once Upon A Time is really well played by actress Ginnifer Goodwin.  Mary Margaret aka Snow White is one of the main characters and protagonists in the storyline and does a great job of furthering the land of Storybrooke.  She is often times in cahoots with Emma Swan and Henry Mills to defeat Regina Mills (The Evil Queen).


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Fairytale Bio

In Fairy Tale Land she’s Snow White, the fairest of them all. Lips red as rose, hair black as coal, and skin as white as snow. Awakened from the Queen’s sleeping death by her Prince Charming, Snow is on her way to happily ever after when the Queen crashes her wedding and vows that she will yet enact her revenge on the couple. Not one to roll over without a fight, Snow stands up to the Queen and challenges her power. Strong, competent, and self-assured, our Snow White is a far cry from the demure damsel we might imagine.

However, once Snow becomes pregnant, her anxiety about the Queen’s threat prompts her to seek knowledge of the future from the only person who can see it…Rumplestiltskin. He makes a deal with Snow: information about the Queen’s plans for the name of Snow’s unborn daughter.

He tells Snow & Charming that the Queen created a powerful curse, one that will send everyone from Fairy Tale Land to a place where they will be deprived of their happy endings. But, Rumplestiltskin counsels, there is hope. If Snow & Charming can keep their unborn daughter safe from the curse then, in 28 years, she will return to them and they will be able to undo the Queen’s curse. Snow White honors her deal and gives Rumplestiltskin the name: Emma. But at what future cost?


Ginnifer Goodwin on playing Snow White:

“Snow White knows how to *play* the good girl. She lives for love and she only appreciates that which she earns, which makes her an adventuress, a risk-taker, a rule-breaker, and a mischief-maker. She is keenly aware that she battles vanity and jealousy, just as her evil stepmother does. Childhood guilt drives her to try harder and to constantly strive to become a better person, but she also carries with her a princess’ sense of entitlement. and while that is something she is unable to see from within her frame of reference, she does have enough perspective to recognize that her self-reliance separates her from the other fairytale princesses. Playing Snow White, flaws and all, feels less like acting and more like getting to step into the shoes of someone I would like to be.”


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