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Mr. Gold aka ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ – Once Upon A Time Cast

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Mr. Gold aka Rumpelstiltskin

Mr. Gold is a very important character on ABC’s hit television show Once Upon A Time.  He bounces between good and evil weaving together a seamlessly endless amount of bargains and ‘deals’ with the characters.  At some point he is involved with business deals with Regina Mills (The Evil Queen), Emma Swan, Mary Margaret, and more.


Source:  ABC

Storybrooke Bio

Almost every small town has a wealthy resident whose influence seems to know no limit. In Storybrooke, that guy is Mr. Gold. From real estate to politics and even into the personal lives of his neighbors, Gold’s knowledge and involvement is virtually infinite. In fact, he’s got his hands in so many goings-on about town that it’s downright creepy. According to the local Innkeeper, Gold “owns the town”. A number of the citizens of Storybrooke actually appear to be more intimidated by him than they are by Regina.

Gold also owns and operates the local pawnshop, where he spends most of his days curating the various items he has collected over the years and making deals with the townsfolk. Always cool and attired with a cosmopolitan sartorial flair, Mr. Gold exudes the kind of confidence that only comes from knowing you are the master of your domain. But how much does he know?


Robert Carlyle on playing Mr. Gold:

“Mr. Gold is not to be trusted… by anyone.”


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