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Regina Mills aka ‘The Evil Queen’ – Once Upon A Time Cast

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Regina Mills

Regina Mills is the adoptive mother of Henry Mills and antagonist (The Evil Queen) in the hit television series Once Upon A Time.  She is portrayed by actress Lana Parrilla and is often fighting against the will and desires of both Henry Mills and Emma Swan.


Source:  ABC

Storybrooke Bio

Regina is the mayor of Storybrooke and Henry’s adoptive mother—responsibilities she has been balancing, without help, since she adopted Henry as a newborn. Despite the demands of her job, Regina is an extremely attentive mother to Henry. At times, though, she can be a bit overbearing. This is especially true whenever she crosses paths with Emma, Henry’s birthmother, with whom she makes no effort to play nice.

Upon Emma’s arrival in Storybrooke, Regina senses the very real threat she presents to her relationship with Henry and immediately takes action to run Emma out of town. Nothing is too drastic for Regina, who seems able to mobilize the entire population of Storybrooke to hassle Emma during her stay.

Regina endeavors to project a calm, cool and collected appearance, but there is a dark, tempestuous side to her that lies just beneath her Stepford-manicured surface. Barely. Perhaps that’s because, in Fairy Tale Land, she is actually the Evil Queen


Lana Parrilla on playing Evil Queen / Regina:

‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most wicked character to play of all?’… It’s always been a dream to portray archetypal villains! Developing both the Queen and Mayor Regina, whose sinister complexities are most compelling and yet thrilling to perform, has been quite an exciting journey! These are two women you are going to love to hate!”


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