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Fast & Furious 6 Review…Major Box Office Hit!

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Fast and Furious

The whole muscle loving, muscle car driving gang is back for Fast & Furious 6. And while I despise media franchises and their prequels, sequels interquels, midquels, trilogies, parallels, spin-offs, reboots, and so on and so forth, Fast & Furious 6 let me forget for a minute that I have walked out on the ridiculous exchange of Paul Walker and Tyrese and other treacherous sequels of this movie in the past.

The downside to this movie being a decent box office hit, is the horrific thought of Universal making a ton of money and quickly trying to make another movie because quickly made movies are never good and just the thought of the 7th Fast & Furious may drive me to suicidal ideation.

Fast and Furious- Koenigsegg CCX & Ferrari 360 Modena
Fast and Furious- Koenigsegg CCX & Ferrari 360 Modena

Directed by Justin Lin, Fast & Furious 6 is packed with plenty of the expected car chasing, car jacking, car jumping, car racing, and car flipping that is sure to please the average action loving movie goer and the STi’s, BMW’s, Mustangs, Dodge Charger’s, Ferrari’s, GT-R’s and old Camero’s (just to name a few) for those car racing, car loving, and car building car connoisseurs out there. What’s new? The cast takes on more than just cars this time, as they also tackle tanks, made-for-tv custom karts, and planes for some extra furious and fresh vehicular warfare to a soundtrack from Def Jam that includes T.I., Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Cypress Hill, and of course Luda… also just naming a few.

Fast and Furious 6 Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Fast and Furious 6 Clip-Subaru Impreza WRX STi

The movie starts with a montage of clips from the last 5 movies that highlight each character. New to the scene is Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock and Gina Carano from Haywire. Not so new, but a big surprise is the ‘return of the dead’ with Michelle Rodriguez who adds dimension to the film but this time is working for those on ‘the other side of the track.’ She also brings the beloved girl fights and girl shit talking that she has built her fan base on.

Fast and Furious 6- Michelle Rodriguez back from the dead.
Fast and Furious 6- Michelle Rodriguez back from the dead.

Amongst the car racing, miniskirts, and bouncing bikinis in the movie the plot… Vin Diesel has been approached in his multimillion dollar villa to aid the FBI headed by Luke Hobbs (The Rock) in joining his old and retired super gang of illegal street racers to bring down some European car thieves/terrorists as they have now messed with our military (as-if!). Vin Diesel or Dom Teretto accepts the job after seeing the photographs of the suspects as it includes his ex-girlfriend who was shot dead in one of the previous movies. With the FBI of course is agent Brian O’Conner played by Paul Walker. They ol’ crew is summoned from their now uber extravagant lives as millionaires, living in mansions and flying on private jets…and of course the cars…the best of the best. Once Letty, played by Michelle Rodriguez is found and it is realized that she has turned against her former beau and friends, the ‘never leave a homie behind’ still hold true as they help bring down these car driving terrorists.

Fast and Furious 6
Fast and Furious 6

The reason why Fast & Furious 6 gets a thumbs up isn’t because they bring down an entire plane with their harpoon-like car tactics from Fast & Furious 1 but because they infuse those moments with attractive chemistry between the friends, families and lovers. The flat yet funny banter between Ludacris and Tyrese, the bond between Dom and Brian O’Conner, the courtships and the overall chemistry of the group sets the violence on fire and leaves you wanting more….unfortunately, you can have more. Fast & Furious 7 will hit the theaters by summer 2014.

Fast and Furious 7 coming summer 2014
Fast and Furious 7 coming summer 2014

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