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@COLUMBIABT Feat. @RichHomieQuan – She Crazie

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All you crazy ass females out there need to watch out because Columbia BT and Rich Homie Quan just debuted a brand new record called “She Crazie” that takes aim at all the crazy shit yall do. The big hpmey Columbia BT kicks it off by rapping about the crazy ass chicks he’s had to deal with in his life and all the psycho crap they do like go through his phone and asking him questions all the damn time. Even though they’re not in a relationship. Listening to this song brings back a lot of crazy memories for me, no pun intended.

Can we talk about the hook for a second? It’s FANTASTIC! Rich Homie Quan is slowly becoming the go to guy when it comes to choruses and you can easily see why on this song. If you really think Rich Homie peaked after his “Some Type Of Way” song then this track will most definitely shut you up. Together they unite like Voltron and make a banger that a lot of fellas can relate too. Shit, I know I can. Check out the all new “She Crazie” track and let us know what you think.
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