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KNCTR Offers Hollywood Buffs Trailers and News in a Single App

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KCNTR (pronounced kuh-nek-ter) is a free program that offers multi-pronged connectivity and entertainment options to users on their desktop PCs and laptops. The app is an all-in-one communication tool developed by itiBiti Ventures Inc., a sub division of Intertainment Media Inc. and creators of adTaffy.

KNCTR brings users news updates, movie trailers, daily video, auto reviews and more. It is popularly used by users to make long distance and local calls to landlines and cell phones across the North American continent. The app’s calling capabilities are similar to the popular Microsoft connectivity app Skype. However, KNCTR offers its users several more features that revolve around news and social media.

Users Can Get the Latest Hollywood Gossip on KNCTR

While the calling facilities and news feeds are some of the most popular features of the app, the app also offers popular entertainment videos that users can tune in to get the latest celebrity news. The celebrity news channel is updated on a daily basis, offering viewers the latest news, views and gossip each time they tune in to the channels.

Celebrity News offers viewers the latest news on high profile celebrity events and fashion, as well as the latest buzz on the lives of celebrities. It offers news on their break-ups and make-ups and any other gossip that will be of interest to anyone interested in Hollywood news. This is a great feature that the developers hope can make the app a one-stop app for most communication and entertainment needs that users may have, at the workplace and outside it.

Users Can Connect With Celebrities through Social Media

KNCTR keeps users connected with their favorite celebrities in several other ways. The app has a dedicated space from where they can log in to their social media accounts and RSS feeds.

With social media being one of the most popular ways of connecting with peers and interesting content online, the app ensures that users can access their major social media accounts through it. As a result, KNCTR users have the ability to log into their Facebook and Twitter accounts directly from the KNCTR player. They can keep themselves updated on the Tweets and Facebook posts made by the celebrities they ‘follow’ and ‘like’.

Through the RSS Reader menu, viewers can also add their favorite feeds to their in-app RSS reader. The KNCTR player has its own pre-selected feeds that users can select from. Besides major news channels and sports channels, these feeds include popular Hollywood celebrity gossip and news blogs like Perez Hilton, as well as movie review websites like Rotten Tomatoes. Users do not need an internet browser to tap into the news feeds. They can view their feeds and videos directly on the KNCTR player.

It is also possible for clients to customize their KNCTR player by adding preferred celebrity news feeds to the existing list, such as EOnline, the Hollywood Gossip, TMZ, OMG and other similar websites which offer feeds.

Users Can Stay Updated with the Latest Movies

Through the KNCTR app, users who are movie buffs also have access to the latest movie trailers as a prelude to catching them at the theatres. Trailers are available not only for the movies that are already at the theaters, but also for the upcoming movies. In this way, the KNCTR player hopes to streamline the needs of the Hollywood buff into one single platform. It also reduces the time spent in searching for movie news and gossip. Users have easy access to all the entertainment news that they may be interested in, all within a single program.

Download is Easy

The app is easy to install. There is no registration required before installation, and download is free. With the KNCTR desktop app, developers aim to help users save valuable space on their desktops by bringing all their news and entertainment content sources to one app. The app interface has integrated panels for video, social media, call features and news features all in the same view.

About the Developers
Intertainment Media. Inc is a large North American investor in technologies that provide solutions for consumers and brands, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company also owns several important divisions, of which itiBiti is one division. Launched in 2008 as a consumer engagement platform for desktops, itiBiti’s vision is to offer platforms where consumers can connect directly with brands through access to popular online communities and sophisticated communication and entertainment tools.


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