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Once Upon A Time – “The Doctor” – Season 2 Episode 5 RECAP

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In episode #5 “The Doctor” of Once Upon A Time the main action revolves around The Evil Queen Aka Regina whom desires to see her fiancé Daniel again. For a brief second in the rain she is able to catch a glimpse of him but is not able to locate him. With the confusion between Storybrook and the “other world” also seems to come into effect as Regina begins to ponder using magic again. Rumpelstiltskin is also hard at work plotting and planning as he prepares to gain access to the “new world” from the “old world”.

There are tons of twists and turns in this episode so be sure to watch the previous episodes before attempting this one.

Regina Mills learns the down side to having what you want to come true. The saying “Be careful what you wish for” comes to mind when thinking of Regina’s choice to unleash magic in the new land. Dr Whale apparently was successful in reviving Regina’s fiancé Daniel, but he turns into a monster and attacks Dr. Whale.

At some point when Dr Whale is in the hospital. Regina Mills and David Nolan (aka Prince Charming) meet up and rush to the stables to prevent Daniel from coming into contact with Henry Mills. They arrive just in time as Daniel is holding Henry Mills by the throat and threatening to seriously harm him. Prince Charming holds Daniel back as Regina refuses to use magic to restrain him. Instead she uses her words and emotions to express her love to Daniel. In return Daniel tells her he is in too much pain and to simply let him go. Regina states that she will not let him go and will not “lose him again”. Daniel’s pain becomes excruciating and ultimately Regina Mills is forced to use magic to hold him back and get rid of him forever.

In the old world, Mary Margaret and Emma Swan are busy trying to beat Cora ( The Evil Queen’s Mother) to the last remaining portal to the new world. They set out for a crystal ball that is the last piece of the puzzle for the portal to work.

Another interesting twist is at the very end of the show when the audience finds out that Dr. Whale is really Dr Frankenstein and brings his brother back to life. Regina Mills already learned the dangers of reviving the dead and how ‘violent’ things can get. We are left what is laying under the doctor’s operating table… A human or a monster?


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