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Dexter “Chemistry” RECAP Season 7 Episode 7

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This week’s episode of Dexter was awesome! It starts off immediately where the last episode left off; Dexter Morgan and Hannah McKay are having sex on what was supposed to be her death bed. Dexter had previously tied her up and placed her on the table as one of Dexter’s other victims, but at the last minute changed his mind. This recent change of heart seems to stem from Dexter Morgan’s unrelenting ability to find women that are crazy, sometimes not just for him.

Dexter’s sister Debra Morgan is out on a hot date with the author of the book on Hannah McKay. The two hit it off and before the end of the night, the two are lip locked.

Dexter Moran and Hannah drive around Miami and for the first time actually get to know each other after many missed opportunities previously. Dexter really seems to like Hannah and she likes him a lot too. This could potentially be amazing but detrimental to Dexter’s already shifty credibility at the station. Dexter’s credibility also comes into question as the writer who now is dating Debra taunts Dexter with information. He blackmails Dexter by stating that he knows he protected Hannah McKay by intentionally tampering with blood evidence and blood slides. He also uses the budding relationship between Dexter and Hannah as grounds to gain information from Dexter. Harry Morgan continues to narrate to Dexter the importance of keeping his distance from Hannah, because what has happened with women in his past. And as usual Dexter ignores all signs of trouble and goes full steam ahead with the passion with Hannah. After seeing her multiple times he realizes that she is the first woman to generally accept both sides of Dexter. She accepts him as a series killer of murderers, but also accepts him for being a good guy. Dexter begins to ponder if there is a potential future for himself and Hannah.

Check Out This Video on Hannah’s Character too:

Trouble is brewing down at Miami Metro Homicide Department as the main evidence against Isaak Sirko (Head of The Ukrainian Mob) goes missing. What no one else knows at the time, is that Joey Quinn, one of Miami Metro’s very own has disposed of the blood evidence in order to save is female love interest. The mob played into Quinn’s soft side by blackmailing him with the girl he has developed a relationship with. Eventually Isaak goes free and everyone is nervous, especially Dexter who has a target on his head from Isaak personally.

As this is all happening Debra Morgan is opening new doors and turning new leads as far as looking into the credibility of Hannah. The writer also confronts Hannah and sets up back to back interviews with Hannah and Dexter respectively.

The interview with Hannah goes south very quickly as he is able to get a confession from her fairly easily. By the end of the interview Hannah is left in tears and can not even come to grips with the interview any longer. By the time he meets with Dexter for his interview, Dexter has already dug up tons of new evidence in a case regarding one of the author’s old cases. Apparently, according to Dexter’s research the author’s himself had some dirty laundry. Before any of this an come to light, the author drops dead in Dexter’s living room out of no where. Later n we find out that Hannah had in fact poisoned him and was hoping he would have been driving at the time of death.

At the end of it all Dexter and Hannah realize that they play a vital role in each others lives and they are better off tiger than separately.

LaGuerta begins to piece together that Dexter is a common factor In a lot of the Bay Harbor Butcher cases. This raises even more tension for Dexter and Debra at Miami Metro Police Department.

The most awkward thing happens at the very end of the show when Debra Morgan calls Dexter and requests that he makes thing right with Hannah McKay. As she is talking Dexter is laying next to Hannah in bed and simply Yeses Debra off the phone.


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