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Once Upon A Time – “Child of The Moon” – Season 2 Episode 7 RECAP

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This weeks dramatic episode of the hit television series Once Upon A Time is titled Child of The Moon.  The title is derived from the main focus of the episode, Little Red Riding Hood.  The story line is the good and bad sides of Red Riding Hood and her alter state as a wolf.  The paradox and contrasting elements can be seen throughout the entire show, so enjoy.  You are definitely in for a treat this week.

The drama starts out in Storybrooke with the seven dwarfs and Prince Charming digging in the tunnels.  Very quickly the diggers find a huge revelation. They don’t strike gold, rather dust and diamonds that may be of more use than just material.  Supposedly this new discovery will aid in bringing home Mary Margaret and Emma Swan.  The attention is quickly shifted from search and discovery to detective and observant as a murder occurred in Storybrooke.

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Another crucial character in this week’s drama is Ruby aka Little Red Riding Hood.  There is a gentleman who seems genuinely interested in her and yet she begins to have doubts of his intentions.  Everything is not as it seems in Storybrooke anymore.  She also lost her red hood which prevents her from turning into a monster.  She is unable to control her rage and ultimately kills at might when her rage is peaked.  We then get a little back story on Red Riding Hood as Once Upon A Time infamously flashes back to the past and shows her beginnings.  In the retrospective clip, Red Riding Hood learns to love and understand her “wolf” side and controls her anger.  The clip is changed in tone as it flashes back to reality and Red Riding Hood is being shut away in jail for her crime.

Prince Charming aka David Nolan also confronts one of his enemies from the old world, his father, and it gets interesting. Apparently “The King” or David Nolan’s father (King George) witnessed the incident with Red Riding Hood and demands ‘justice’ for her crimes.  He then begins to build a mob against David (Prince Charming) and Red Riding Hood.  The story them flashes back to when Snow White finds Red Riding Hood with her family in the Fairytale world.  Ironically enough, Red Riding Hood is present when another person dies, but is not the murderer.  leading the viewer to think that maybe she really didnt hurt anyone and that David’s antagonist may be up to no good.  Back in Storybrooke Charming and Red Riding Hood both flee to the library where Red Hides out while David devises a planof escape.  Unfortunately it is short lived and very quickly Red Riding Hood decides to show the crowd her real “wolf” side so she can be killed for her horrible crimes.  David finds evidence with Granny from the library that suggest that Red Riding Hood is innocent.  He realizes that someone, probably King George, has murdered and is scapegoating Red Riding Hood for the deed.  Red Riding Hood as a wolf confronts the crowd, and at the last minute Prince Charming disperses the crowd and walks right up to the angry wolf.  He explains that she has a choice to do good deep down and to never forget it.  Eventually she calms down and her cloak brings her back to normal again.  The crowd then shifts their attention to George who has managed to flee the scene after the crowd realized he in fact had been the murderer all along.  Finally Red Riding Hood and Prince Charming catch up with George and they all exchange some nasty words.  George then turns to Charming and threatens his family for eternity.  As this is being spoken he throws a bag full of fairydust or keepsakes (presumably of a family member of David’s) into a burning fire.  He tells David no matter how much fairy dust or magic he can obtain his dreams are over and his fight is useless.

Regina Mills aka The Evil Queen deals with the downside of magic once again after realizing that Henry Mills’ nightmares are attached to the curse.  The curse in question was the poison that Henry took in order to prove Regina was evil.  Henry’s dreams seem to be be getting worse as times goes on, and Mr. Gold aka Rumpelstiltskin explains why.  He says that after Henry arose from the curse that his soul had been trapped.  Unfortunately his soul was between the stages of life and death itself and that he could help ease his fears through his treatment plan.

At the end of the episode it returns to Emma Swan, Snow White and Aurora in the old world.  Aurora is having nightmares and in one very scary one, she finds Henry and he comforts her as they are both standing in a room that is on fire.  This will be an awesome start to next weeks episode which is titled “Into The Deep”.

All in all this episode of Once Upon A Time was really great.  It mainly focused on the micro story of Red Riding Hood and Storybrooke, but the few glimpses of the Fairytale World and other characters makes it super interesting.  If you are a fan of the show this is a must watch episode of season two.


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