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Ryan Lochte coming to reality television

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has signed on with E! for a new six-episode reality television series that will be airing in April. The...

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Jeff Zucker named new president of CNN

Rumors have been circulating for weeks but now its official: Jeff Zucker has been officially named as the president of CNN. Zucker, who...

Once Upon A TimeTV

Once Upon A Time – “Child of The Moon” – Season 2 Episode 7 RECAP

This weeks dramatic episode of the hit television series Once Upon A Time is titled Child of The Moon.  The title is derived...

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Actor Michael J. Fox Returning to Television

Michael J. Fox retired from television almost a decade ago to focus on fighting his Parkinson’s disease but thanks to a new drug...

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Keri Russel Returning to TV

Keri Russel, former Mouskateer and star of the hit drama Felicity, is returning to television ona new Fox series called The Americans. Joining...


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