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Once Upon A Time – “Into The Deep” – Season 2 Episode 8 RECAP

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This weeks episode of Once Upon A Time titled “Into The Deep” picks up the drama from two weeks ago. Emma Swan, Aurora, Mary Margaret and Mulan are all walking around in the Fairytale world attempting to gain access to the Storybrooke world. At this same time, they all realize that Aurora’s ability to communicate to Henry Mills in the real world will allow them to get home. They also seek the help of Cora, The Evil Queen’s mother to get them back to Storybrooke.

Word of this makes Regina Mills (The Evil Queen) and Rumplestilksin really nervous. Rumplestilksin realizes that Cora may be more powerful than he is, and confrontation would be likely. They decide to utilize Henry’s ability to communicate with Aurora in order to solve the problem.

Rumpelstilksin aka Mr. Gold tells Henry Mills a story to get him to go into a deep sleep, thus enabling him to go into the burning room where Aurora is. When they meet they discuss Rumplestilksin but their words were getting mumbled in the burning room. As quickly as they find each other, Aurora is violently ripped from the dream. As she awakens Cora has sent soldiers out to capture her. A fight ensues but ultimately Cora is successful in bringing Aurora to her lair.

Captain Hook randomly shows up in Cora’s lair and frees Aurora with no exchange for his generosity. She then sets out to reunite with the rest of the group. Aurora doesn’t realize that the group has moved on to find a sleeping curse for Snow White.

Back in Storybrooke Regina Mills and Henry Mills enjoy some much needed mother and son time. Ironically Henry begins to realize that Regina can use her magic for good and it might be a good thing. Without the other parties knowing it, David Nolan aka Prince Charming will be meeting his lover Mary Margaret aka Snow White in the middle land. The magic is a deep sleep curse so Charming can talk to Snow White and not risk Henry’s safety.

The two reunite but the episode ends with the audience left on the edge of their seats.  Unfortunately true love’s kiss cannot bring Charming back from his sleep because Mary Margaret cannot physically touch him.  She then begins to awake and disappears from the room, leaving Charming stuck in between the two worlds.

Hopefully next week the crew can find a way to get David Nolan aka Prince Charming back to Storybrooke.


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