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Dexter (Showtime) Season 7 Episode 6 “Do The Wrong Thing” RECAP

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In this weeks episode of Dexter, titled “Do The Wrong Thing” the drama continues on Showtime. Sgt. Maria LaGuerta is getting hot on Dexter’s trail as she continues to believe the Bay Harbour Butcher may be at large. Dexter Morgan immediately begins to seek out another kill, and this time it is Hannah McKay one of the suspects in a nearly closed case of Wayne Randall.

After LaGuerta presents her claims to Debra Morgan, she instantly pulls Dexter aside and speaks with him to no avail. After minutes of arguing Dexter is forced to leave Debra’s house after she tell him to leave. Debra Morgan believes Dexter should be more forthcoming about his past and present of being a serial killer.

As Dexter leaves his unfortunate conversation with his sister, he is prowling the property of Hannah McKay. He believes that she may be the murderer in multiple cases and has blood evidence to support guilt absolutely in at least one case. Eventually after their cat and mouse games of showing up unexpectedly on each others doorstep, they sit down and talk at length. Dexter hints that he wants to “Take her out” and then romantically agrees that he is referring to a date.

While all of this is happening Debra finally gives in to a crime writer that has been begging her for a date. Debra and the writer seem to have a fairly good conversation and he introduces one of his new theories and projects. Unfortunately he has similar thoughts about Hannah McKay and with the guarantee of a kiss from Deb, he produces the proper evidence in the Hannah McKay case that was previously closed.

Before Deb can even gain any traction on the case, Dexter has Hannah tied up on one of his kill tables. And as no one would have ever expected, Dexter does not kill her. In fact he cuts her free and has sex with her. That is the ending scene to this dramatic episode. Tune in next week for more!


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