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Once Upon A Time – “Tallahassee” – Season 2 Episode 6 RECAP

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In the sixth episode of the second season of Once Upon A Time, titled “Tallahassee” the action really gets going.  In the opening scenes, Killian Jones aka Captain Hook shows Emma Swan, Mulan, and Mary Margaret the bean stalk left behind by Jack.  He explains that one woman in addition to himself will need to climb the obstacle-infused bean stalk.

In the Fairytale world Mary Margaret aka “Snow White” talks to Aurora as Mulan rests and they await the return of Emma and Captain Hook. When Aurora rests she has a series of terrible nightmares that leaves everyone upset and distracted.  Emma and Hook go up the bean stalk and face one of the giants, but in the end, Emma desperate to see Henry locks up Hook.  At this very same time, Henry in the real world and Storybrooke wakes up to a nightmare of an all red room with no doors or walls.  This is eerily similar to Aurora’s (Sleeping Beauty) dream.

During this episode we also get an exclusive inside look into Emma Swan’s back-story of before Storybrooke, when she was stealing and robbing to get by.  She lived a secret life as one half of a criminal duo with her man right by her side.  At the vital point where they decided to move up in life and stop stealing Emma is presented with the opportunity to choose at random a place to move to and “settle down”.  She closes her eyes and on a map of the United States points directly to Tallahassee, Flordida. En route they decide to take a dangerous and risky detour; the duo will drive to Canada in their already stolen vehicle to steal watches.  When she gets there her boyfriend tips off the police and rats her out.  At the same time her boyfriend has a magical encounter with someone from Emma’s childhood that claims to be from the fairy tale land.  This man ultimately takes Emma the key to the yellow bug she is seen with in the first episode of season 1…

Now we are left with another cliffhanger until next week!

Stay Tuned for more!


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