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Dexter “Argentina” RECAP Season 7 Episode 8

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Dexter MorganThis week’s episode of Dexter is titled “Argentina” and is awesome.  Last week left off with Dexter Morgan receiving a call from his sister Debra.  Debra Morgan is explaining to Dex how she wants him to “do his thing” on Hannah McKay, of whom Deb is convinced is a murderer.  Dexter however is in love with Hannah and it seems unlikely that he will take care of her himself.
Dex then heads over to Debra’s house to convince her of Hannah’s reason for living.  Debra is convinced that they will take her out but will require Dex’s help.  Unfortunately love seems to be a huge barrier for both parties.  Deb is attempting to avenge the murder of her past interest, whom Hannah killed.  Dexter is on the other side defending his love interest Hannah McKay.

Isaak Sirko, head of the Ukranian mob is busy at work plotting and planning revenge against Dexter Morgan.  He chooses to conduct a very explicit and public drive by shooting while Dexter is grabbing donuts.  Although leaving unharmed, Dex barely missed the bullets as they shattered through the stores windows.

Meanwhile Debra pays a nice little visit to Hannah herself and vows to prove her guilt.  Hannah shows her nervous side as Deb puts the pressure on.

Eventually Angel Bautista tells everyone that he is the proud new owner of the restaurant of his dreams.  This is where everyone including Cody and Ester (Dexter’s two other kids) gathers for a nice lunch and chat time.  Unfortunately the kids get into a fight, and Dexter finds out that his daughter is smoking pot.  This is very upsetting and Dex and Deb have a serious chat with her about making good decisions.

At the very end of the episode Deb actually breaks down and says that she is in love with Dexter, her brother.  Deb is crying and is visibly upset when he finds out that Dexter is in love with Hannah McKay.  This has been boiling for a long time and now Deb actually admits she loves Dex.  Dexter then sets out to go get Sirko whom is actively trying to kill Dexter.  Dex’s father Harry Morgan continues to feed  Dexter information and advice on his drive, but Dex ignores the warnings.

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