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Modern Family Star Ariel Winter Starts High School

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Modern Family Star Ariel Winter

“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter is about to take on a new role as high school student. The teenage actress is ecstatic to attend high school like a normal kid.

Winter plays the brainy and percocious teenager Alex Dunphy on the Emmy-winning ABC comedy.

Winter is now enrolled in a private school in the Los Angeles area and will start attending classes later this month. The actress has always been privately tutored. Producers are excited for her new transition and will work around her class schedules for filming.

Winter has been living with her sister, Shanelle Gray, after she received temporary guardianship after allegations that her mother, Chrystal Workman,  was emotionally abusing the young girl. Winter is doing well under her sister’s guardianship where the rules are strict. Producers have noticed a positive change in Winter’s mood.

Ariel’s attorney and father, Glenn Workman,  now have control over her finances which include $75,000 per episode, as per a settlement.  Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas scheduled a hearing for March 29 in which he could hand permanent guardianship over to Gray.

“Modern Family” portrays the lives of three zany families and has won three consecutive Emmy awards as American television’s best comedy series.


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