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Five Reasons to Go Bespoke and Ditch Store Bought Clothing Altogether

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Bespoke clothing has long been an unaffordable luxury for the average shopper, which has led to the proliferation of large retail outlets and the rise of thrift shops. However, the number of services that are available online that will allow you to customise your own clothing are on the rise, as consumers are looking to buy clothes that demonstrate their own unique style. Here are five reasons to go bespoke and leave store bought clothing on the sales rack!

Doing It the Right Way

Simon Elliott, co-founder of the Clifton clothing company, has said on their website that “Everything we sell is engineered to be of the highest ethical, sustainable quality offering total personalization, linked with our friendly yet knowledgeable client service.”

Clothing companies are quickly moving away from the low-cost or sweat shop style of manufacturing and making a conscious effort to present an eco-friendly and sustainable product, because the world is becoming more and more educated about consumer products. Supporting a company that believes in the same moral and ethical responsibilities as you is a good place to start your shopping.

The “Signature Service”: Design

A good bespoke clothing company will offer a multi-faceted service where clients are given access to a full consultation with a design team, so that you can design your own articles of clothing for you, your sports team, or your school group. This consultation includes design ideas, fabric selection, and garment colour preferences so that you can fill an order that is as unique as you are.

The “Signature Service”: Delivery

While companies differ in their delivery approach, Clifton works with top-flight couriers such as DHL and DPD to ensure that your unique hoodies or joggers arrive at your door promptly and without issue. The company supplies its customers with a one-hour delivery window so that you don’t have to waste your hard earned free time waiting at home for your delivery. All aspects of the company’s shipping are also carbon neutral. Of course, it’s worth checking out the shipping policies at any online retailer just to be safe.

Commitment to Quality

Shopping at extremely large and popular retail stores can seem like a very impersonal experience, whereas bespoke companies pride themselves on client service that is beyond reproach. Client service has to be high not only because that’s what customers want, but because the company works closely with its customers on getting your order just right. Most will also perform quality control checks throughout production and performs a final check before each order is sent out.


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