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Top-Ten Hottest Baseball WAGs

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Whether you’re browsing through online gossip or checking out online betting sites like http://www.betonline.ag/sportsbook, you read a lot about sports WAGs, but baseball isn’t the sport that immediately comes to mind. When looking through the potential candidates for our top-ten list, we were shocked to find out how many hotties had an argument to be on this top-ten list. It’s always a good list when there are so many debates on who should make it in, especially when you’re leaving off hot Brazilian models, a former WWE diva, a playboy cover model and a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader – and they weren’t even the final cuts. While these ladies might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about online betting at BetOnline.ag, it’s always important to keep every aspect of a player’s life in mind when you’re placing your bets…or at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves. So here’s our list of the top-ten hottest baseball WAGs. Enjoy!

10) Diana Roberts, Brian Roberts’ wife

It’s hard to leave Miss FHM 2006 off this list, so Diana Roberts makes the cut over Matt Latos’ wife, Dallas. Diana is married to long-time Baltimore Orioles and current New York Yankees’ second baseman Brian Roberts.

Diana is a former pharmaceutical rep and I’m sure was able to make any man purchase whatever she wanted them to. Diana just has a certain confidence about her, which makes her all that more sexy. Her perfectly crafted body doesn’t hurt either.

9) Paige Brendel, Brett Lawrie’s girlfriend

Paige Brendel is the youngest girl on this list, but really this list needs a little youth injection. Paige is the girlfriend of Toronto Blue Jays’ third baseman Brett Lawrie.

A graduate from Arizona State University, Paige has now boarded the modelling scene and we can easily see why. Paige’s blue eyes make you melt and if that doesn’t do the trick, she’s got two perky cannons that can knock you right out.

8) Amber Seyer, Barry Zito’s wife

Barry Zitomight just be the luckiest man in baseball. He not only got a ridiculous seven-year, $126 million dollar contract making him the highest paid pitcher in baseball back in 2006, he married the former Miss Missouri, Amber Seyer. What more could this guy ask for?

From the pictures above, we can now figure out why Barry never lived up to his contract with the San Francisco Giants – just way too many distractions at home.

7) Molly Beers, David Wright’s fiancée

Molly Beers is another fashion model that has snagged a baseball player as a husband. Not just any baseball player, but arguably one of the most famous in New York, Mets third baseman David Wright.

Molly has a spunky personality and can have fun on any photo shoot. And we have to say she can look good in a skimpy bikini as well.

6) Anne Vyalitsyna (Girlfriend of Matt Harvey)

Anne Vyaltisyna is the girlfriend of New York Mets phenom, Matt Harvey. Anne must be drawing plenty of attention in the Big Apple, as she’s a tall and sexy goddess.

Anne works as a Victoria Secret model, which is a quick jump in the dating circle for a young pitcher like Harvey. He clearly has a lot going for him and we hope that he’s got something left for the Mets after Anne wraps her long legs around him.

5) Brooke Sorenson, Lance Nyx’s wife

Brooke Sorenson is the beautiful wife of outfielder Laynce Nix. Brooke is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and a great catch for the platoon starter in Nix. He really was reaching for the stars when he snagged her.

This 5’7” blonde bombshell was a squad leader that served the DCC for five seasons. With a booty that tight and legs that can kill, Brooke easily makes this list.

4) Hannah Davis, Derek Jeter’s girlfriend

You would expect whoever Derek Jeter is dating would be on this list and you would be right. He also just happens to be dating Sports Illustrated and American fashion model, Hannah Davis. Hannah is well known for her exotic look during her Sports Illustrated and Victoria Secret shoots. She’s also spent time being the face of American Eagle, Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s.

Hannah’s not your big-boob in your face pin-up, but she will get your attention with those striking eyes. Keep looking downward and you notice her nice curves.

3) Kim DeJesus, David DeJesus’ wife

Kim DeJesus has instantly gotten more famous from her current season of The Amazing Race. Kim is the wife of outfielder David DeJesus and raced on the show with the wife of infielder Chris Getz, Nicky, creating an all WAG team.

Kim works out a lot and it shows by her toned body. She’s a model/actress (well, aren’t they all) that showcases many of her life events through social networks. Kim has a great smile and attitude and you can tell by her time on television that she likes to have fun. And I’m sure David has a lot of fun with her.

2) Larisa Fraser, Ryan Braun’s fiancée

Ryan Braun might have made some bad decisions when it comes to PED use, but there was nothing wrong with his decision to propose to the stunning, Larisa Fraser. Larisa is a Perfect 10 and lingerie model that hails from Toronto, Canada. She currently resides in Los Angeles, where she struts her stuff in the skimpiest bikinis and sexiest lingerie.

You can easily tell why she’s a Perfect 10 Model and has a gorgeous face, smile and beautiful greenish blue eyes to go with it. If you can’t get enough of her lingerie pics, you can follow Larisa on her beauty and cooking blog. Larisa is clearly Ryan’s greatest catch!

1)Jaime Faith Edmondson, Evan Longoria’s girlfriend

Jaime Faith Edmondson is the cream of the crop when it comes to MLB WAGs. She’s the girlfriend of Tampa Bay Rays’ all-star third baseman, Evan Longoria. I’m not sure what it is about MLB WAGs and The Amazing Race, but you might recognize her from her time on the 14th season when she raced to a runner-up position with her friend Cara and if you didn’t, I’m sure you wish now that you watched that season.

Jaime is a former NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleader with the Miami Dolphins, former Playboy Playmate of the Month in 2010 and a former police officer.

This fiery red head is a perfect 10. A face and body that others would die for coupled with a rack and a booty that’s flawless. There should be a picture of Jaime beside the word sexy in the dictionary and Mr. Longoria should enjoy every moment with her.


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