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Dentist: The Astonishing Hollywood Perception

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Establishing reality from fantasy is hard to do in Hollywood movies. Especially, when you factor in what influence a movie has on your life. Surprisingly, most people don’t realize a lot of Hollywood movies aren’t necessary based on real life. How are dentist usually depicted in blockbuster movies? Most dentists are portrayed negatively in Hollywood movies. There are some startling Hollywood myths about dentist you probably didn’t know.

Pain: The Big Effect

Most people worry about going to the dentist, but what causes this fear? You have seen young preschoolers scared to visit the dentist. Where do kids get this idea? Surprisingly, a large part can be placed on the television and movies we watch. Keep in mind, some blame can be placed on other factors. In recent years, there have been many exaggerations displayed in Hollywood movies about dentist. In the movie “The Dentist,” there were many unrealistic plots. The movie was about a dentist that decided to torture his patients. When you watch these shows you can get stereotypical opinions about dentist. What if your dentist had a crummy day? You might get the impression he will cause unnecessary pain. Most times in films, the writers let you know how horrendous the dental procedure was for them. In comedy movies, we often see people fantasizing about what the pain will be like at the dentist.

Unquestionable Fear Multiplied

Think back to when you were a kid; when you got your first dental checkup. In spite of your fears, you discovered the dentist was friendly. The misconception starts when we hear in movies about root canals, abscess, and cavities. You believe what you see in the films; especially when movie characters discuss their experiences at the dentist. You remember praying you would never get a cavity. Actually, many people are so scared; they will sit at home with an intensifying toothache. Many people think dentist are uncaring and won’t understand their needs. There are so many horror stories about dentist in movies; it’s easy for people to become confused. The writers overemphasize the story lines because they want to engage the reader.

Valuing the Hollywood Mechanism

Overall, the scariest things portrayed in movies are the tools. You’ve seen the sharp drills shown in Hollywood movies. Usually, the visuals in the films demonstrate how painful it will be at the dentist. Most times the movies don’t establish practical procedures used by a dentist. Think about the razor-sharp needles; the saws the dentist used in the films. The tools are usually bigger than what your dentist will use. Have you discovered why you hate the dentist? In an episode of “The Three Stooges,” the actors pretended to be a dentist. For anesthesia, the stooges used a hammer; it was hilarious. A lot of people will attach going to the dentist as painful. People fear the dentist for several reasons, but the movie industry contributes to this problem. Dental procedures are safe; the movie industry uses these story lines to make the movie entertaining. When you see your dentist for a vital dental procedure, there will be no pain because your mouth will be numb.

Melanie Davis has worked as a dental therapist for over 10 years. The local Boise dentist in Idaho works with her once a month.


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