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Celebrities Who Regret Their Tattoos

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Even though most celebrities definitely have the money to go through the tattoo removal process, that does not make their regret any less real. In fact, due to the pain and length of time that is involved in the removal process, there are several celebrities who have opted to alter or keep their tattoos instead.
Celebrities Regretting Tattoos

Johnny Depp once had the words “Winona Forever” on his arm to commemorate his relationship with actress Winona Ryder. After they broke up, Depp had the tattoo changed to read “Wino Forever.” Although this might fit Depp’s quirky sense of humor, it is almost a certainty that he would have never had that message inked onto his flesh if he was not trying to erase the regret that he felt about the original tattoo.Angelina Jolie once had Billy Bob Thornton’s name tattooed on her arm, but she had it removed. In its place, Jolie had the birthplace coordinates of all of her children inked onto her bicep. Although Jolie once pledged that she would never have another man’s name tattooed on her body, she did decide to add Brad Pitt’s birthplace coordinates to the list on her arm. Hopefully this relationship lasts, but if it does not, it is a fair bet that Jolie will visit a tattoo removal clinic.

Eva Longoria tried to sever ties with her ex-husband by erasing the tat on the back of her neck. Hayden Panettiere’s tat was misspelled. Megan Fox has undergone laser treatments to remove the tattoo of Marilyn Monroe from her arm. What do all of these celebs have in common? You guested it – all of them could have benefited from testing temporary tatts.

Avoiding Tattoo RegretRJ TATTOO REMOVAL 1

People from all walks of life deal with tattoo regret, but unfortunately, a lot of them are unable to afford the removal process. Therefore, it is vital to very carefully consider all of your options before you get inked. If you want to try out designs without fully committing to them, you can easily get custom fake temporary tattoos made. Additionally, you can also use high quality temporary tattoos to change your look for a night out without spending a lot of time and money at a tattoo parlor. Fortunately, the latest temporary body art designs look almost exactly like the real thing. Therefore, it is easy for anyone, including celebrities, to experience the thrill associated with tattoos without any of the potential regret.

Before you commit to an expensive design that you might not be able to remove in the future, you should definitely consider getting the art made into a temporary tattoo. This will give you the ability to make sure that it’s what you really want and you will also have the freedom to change it as often as you would like without going through the removal process.

Into pop culture, Nickey Williams knows the latest “it” fashion and recommends temporary art like that available from TattooYou, an ecommerce store for fake temporary tattoos. These hip tats are stylish enough to replace the normal mundane adornment, so when you are getting ready for a night out and need a change, a temporary tattoo is the way to go.

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