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Charity Offers Abused Women Cosmetic Therapy

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For most people, getting a tattoo removed is simply a way to get rid of something that they have outgrown. However, there are some women who were forced into getting tattoos by abusive partners or gang members, and the tattoo removal process can be very liberating for them. Dawn Maestas, who works at the Lazarus Laser Center in Albuquerque, is offering the expensive removal process for free to women who received their tattoos as a result of abuse.

According to Maestas, several of the women who have utilized her free service have also used it as an opportunity to unburden themselves by sharing their story. Maestas’ personal experience taught her that this process can be very therapeutic, and that is why she made the decision to start her free tattoo removal program. Although removing a name or symbol from the past will not erase emotional scars, it is definitely a good way to help women who have been abused gain some relief.

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