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Amanda Bynes Forced into Psychiatric Evaluation, Arrested & Released

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Amanda Bynes was recently arrested after her building manager called the police because her Bynes’ apartment reeked of marijuana and then she was also seen rolling a joint in the lobby. When she greeted the cops at the door of her apartment smoke filled the air and they saw a bong in the middle of the room. Bynes allegedly saw the police officer look at the bong and so she grabbed it and threw it out of her 36 story building window in front of the cops. “The defendant was observed rolling a marijuana cigarette and throwing a bong out of the 36th floor window … when there were people below,” prosecutor Chikaelo Ibeabuchi said.

Amanda Bynes with her attorney in court.
Amanda Bynes with her attorney in court.

After the foot-long bubbler was thrown, authorities checked to see if it hit anyone down below; fortunately no one was hit or harmed. She then allegedly claimed that it was a vase and then denied throwing anything out the window at all.

Andrew Friedman, her attorney said that cops entered into her apartment for no reason. “Nothing was recovered from the sidewalk. Clearly a search was made for the bong,” Friedman said. “My client completely denies ever illegally throwing anything out of her window.” The troubled star also called 911 before they arrested her, alleging that the police had assaulted her. Her attorney said on Friday that she would be filing a formal complaint with the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau alleging mistreatment.

Judge Neil Ross of the Criminal Court told her, “I do want to make sure you understand if you get arrested again and you appear before me, I’m going to be setting very, very significant bail,” Ross said. “Is that understood?” She was charged with attempted tampering with physical evidence, reckless endangerment in the second degree, and unlawful possession of marijuana. She was arraigned in court and released without bail.

She had also been taken to Roosevelt Hospital at some point in this whole ordeal by officers to have a psychiatric evaluation done.

“Pray for her,” said Stephen, 28, a Biltmore resident. “She needs help. She’s crying out.”

Another neighbor, who declined to give her name, said she saw Bynes going ballistic in the lobby several weeks ago. “She was yelling at the doorman when she went up,” the neighbor said. “I don’t know what it was about.”


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