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Parents Of Amanda Bynes Seeking Conservatorship

Finally the parents of Amanda Bynes are stepping up. They have requested a conservatorship over their daughter due to her outrageous behavior, according...

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Amanda Bynes Teams Up With Waka Flocka For Rap Album

Amanda Bynes tweeted that she wanted to put out a rap album and Waka Flocka Flame answered her call. The actress has teamed...

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Amanda Bynes Attacks Lance Bass On Twitter

In more bizzar-o news about Amanda Bynes, the former teen starlet has a new Twitter victim. Lately, everyone has been stalking the actress’s...


Amanda Bynes Tweets She Is Suing NYPD For Sexual Assualt

  Amanda Bynes has been busy over the Memorial Day Weekend. After returning home from being put in jail, the actress took to...


Amanda Bynes Forced into Psychiatric Evaluation, Arrested & Released

Amanda Bynes was recently arrested after her building manager called the police because her Bynes’ apartment reeked of marijuana and then she was...

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Amanda Bynes Threatens To Sue Magazine Over Photos

Actress Amanda Bynes is livid over the photos In Touch Weekly magazine chose to run in their latest issue. Once the publication was...


Amanda Bynes Continues Bizarre Behavior On Twitter

  Lately Amanda Bynes has been doing some bizarre things on  Twitter. From her tweets about Drake to posting topless photos on the...

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How Crazy You Think Amanda Bynes Is?

If you think Amanda Bynes has lost her damn mind, you’re not alone. It’s scary watching her behavior get crazier and crazier. But...

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Amanda Bynes’s Twitter Rant Of Former Ex Kid Cudi

The erratic former child star, Amanda Bynes, posted a lengthy rant on Twitter, aiming her rage at Complex magazine and at her ex-beau,...

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Amanda Bynes Moves Out Of NYC Apartment After Threats Of Eviction

  Amanda Bynes is hitting the  road. The actress moved out of her New York City apartment after threats of eviction. According to...


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