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Rising Entertainment Giant TeliaSonera And Their Majority Owned Companies

Wonder Who Owns Overseas Entertainment? TeliaSonera

In case you have seen the TeliaSonera logo and wanted the full story we are here to provide it to you today. There are brands in countless countries that have thousands of subscribers that rely on their leadership and financial support as the majority-owner to keep going. In countries such as Norway, Russia, Spain, and Turkey among others you can find brands like Turkcell, MegaFon and Ncell helping provide services like mobile, broadband, voice over ip (VOIP), and TV services.

Whether providing residential service or business communications services TeliaSonera is the brand behind it all helping residents of different countries stay connected to the news, their friends and families, their businesses, and more through their connectivity services. Prior to really looking into TeliaSonera we already knew they were huge with 202 points of prescence across the world in terms of datacenter connectivity points, but we did not know how many brands were around due to their support financially and as a business management division.

With 64,000 subscribers in Russia and 35,000 in Turkey alone you can see the value that TeliaSonera has offered the world and what they are doing with each of their brands. Feel free to do some more research online and look at all of the brands they own and how they are operated, perhaps which one you may become a customer at should you live overseas.

Below we have also included a video where you can get an idea what some of their future customers ideas and visions for the internet and how they want to use it are.

If you want to do further research into the companies that TeliaSonera either owns as a majority or are associated with then check out the link that is below. We here at the Global Good Network are all about supporting multiple brands, yet keeping a focus on what you do best. So we applaud them for using their great management skills and capital to fund and develop great telecommunications companies that are growing around the world!




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