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Singapore Sessions – Entertaining and Intellectual Business Talk

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Business Talk That Can Make You Millions

We’re all for learning, especially when its entertaining and educational. The Singapore Sessions series, in association with Bloomberg TV, brings thought leaders together to come up with ideas for growth in Asia and educating people on what is going on.

In one of our favorite episodes, Made in the West doesn’t always work in Asia, you get the experience of having multiple major business leaders in one place including one of the premier go-to writers about globalization to discuss the Asian market. Whether individuals in manufacturing, technology, or other fields, the show brings these leaders into one place and right in front of you on camera.

Whether you are at work or just relaxing at night, you should try turning on the Singapore Sessions for a bit so that you learn a little bit about the Asian market which they focus on solely. Even though the show is focused on this market they still intertwine topics such as how entrepreneurs may change from Silicon Valley when in Asia and vice versa. You can hop on over to their website to see an official listing of all of the shows and even go on their Youtube to find one that you want to stream that way as well. In our guesses, it may be worthwhile to go to their site first to pick out a few topics that interest you and then search it on Youtube to see what kind of viewership each topic has. If it has a lot of views, and shares too, it may be something that other people enjoyed that you can also learn something from. Be careful of high-viewership and low shares because that can sometime signal bad content, not that were saying any of the Singapore Sessions are bad. Anyways we love this show and think you should check it out and share with your friends.

Enjoy this mini clip we have included below!


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