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“$ellebrity” Documentary Discusses Paparazzi Trend By A-List Celebrities


After the recent death of paparazzo Chris Guerra, the issue of paparazzi and celebrity personal space has been at the forefront of issue. In the new documentary “$ellebrity”, which features an array of interviews by A-list celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Elton John, asks the question, how far is too far to get that shot?

“I can’t get out of a store because these guys are blocking my door,” Aniston says in the movie.” I can’t get out to my car. They are surrounding my car. You can’t see –the flash light bulbs.” Parker shared her experience on one occasion when she was being pursued by the photographers while pregnant, and broke down crying, begging the crowd of paparazzi to stop chasing her.

On the other hand, some celebrities don’t mind the attention. Musician Kid Rock acknowledged that he cameras are apart of the overall celebrity lifestyle. “I kind of asked for this life and knew that this was a part of it that comes with it,” he said.

“$ellebrity” explores the international obsession with a famous face, detailing the oftentimes frightening process and lengths taken to snap a photo. The documentary was created by photographer turned filmmaker Kevin Mazur who explains how fans want to see stars in their natural environments. “People like seeing celebrities all dressed up and looking glamorous, but they prefer seeing them walking around in their sweats and taking the trash out, ” he told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column.

The demand for these photos have decreased the number of official photo opportunities. Many esteemed red carpet professional photographers are forced to work as a paparazzi to make ends meet. “The paparazzi culture has gotten worse, it is much easier to take photographs and they don’t even try to stay back. they want a reaction,” explained Mazur. What’s worse is the demand for pictures of the small children of these celebrities. “When they photograph the kids in a mob scene or chase the car when the kids are in it. There should be laws about that,” he added.

“$ellebrity” opens in select theaters and on video-on demand on Friday January 11.


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