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Lindsay Lohan Causes Trouble on ‘Canyons’ Set Based On Tell All Article

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According to a writer embedded with the production of new film “The Canyons”, star Lindsay Lohan was an utter disaster, reports TMZ. The writer, Stephen Rodrick, says he was allowed to chronicle the project from start to finish.

Rodrick says Lohan was mess the entire time of shooting the film, stating the actress was often drunk and was initially fired after blowing off two day of filming. According to Rodrick, Lindsay showed up to the director’s hotel room, and pounded on his door, crying hysterically begging for her job back. She was in the hallway for 90 minutes before finally leaving. Lohan was eventually hired back, but did not make much improvement.

Rodrick states that the actor constantly criticized the producers and her co-stars, and filming scenes drunk. She had been drinking before a scene in which she had to simulate a 4 way sex scene with real life porn stars. After the scene, Lohan drove off in her Porsche despite the producers efforts to get her to drive a cab.

In the article, Rodrick also wrote that Lohan freaked out before a sex scene in which she was supposed to get naked and locked herself inside a closet. It took the director Paul Schrader stripping naked to get her to do the scene. The article also talks about her late night partying with Lady GaGa and coming into filming late the next morning.

Despite all the negativity, Lohan seemed to impress the cast and crew with her vulnerability in her acting. In one scene, costar James Deen had to knock her to the ground, someone complimented her on work, to which she replied, “Well, I’ve got a lot of experience with that from my dad,” shedding some light on the recent abuse allegations against her father. Only time will tell if there will be a successful Lindsay Lohan comeback, if it’s not too late.


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