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Vince Masuka – Cast of Dexter TV Series on Showtime


Vincent “Vince”  Masuka

Vincent Masuka, commonly referred to as Vince or simply Masuka is the lead forensics investigator on the hit television show Dexter on HBO.  He aids Dexter Morgan in bringing criminals to justice, while also keeping everyone on their toes.  He often tells jokes and is a prankster, so you get it straight forward with Vince.  He is portrayed by actor C.S. Lee, and is really dynamic.

Quick Bio from Wikipedia:

Masuka is the Miami Metro Police lead forensics investigator and works alongside Dexter Morgan in the lab and in crime scenes. He often cracks innuendos to the rest of the team, invokes his Japanese heritage only when convenient, and harbors decidedly unrequited feelings for Debra.

He is portrayed as obsessed with sex—the kinkier the better—and is not shy about propositioning every woman he meets. However, he has been able to tone it down when the situation calls for it, like when Angel was in the hospital, as well as calming Debra down when Lundy returned. Detective Joey Quinn even confronted him about that in stating that is the reason no one likes to be around him, only for Vince to harshly brush him off. However, he seems to accept Joey’s explanation when no one came to see his speech on his newly published work, for which he cleaned up his act and dressed formally. At Debra`s request, he returned to his old self at the end of the episode, though his demeanor remains less vulgar.


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