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Top 10 Indie Picks for 2011

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Well, the votes are in. And it looks like the Top 10 Indie picks for 2011 includes a diversified, yet interesting group. Starting with number ten and working our way up – drum roll please – the winners are:

Number 10: “Take Shelter.”

In this thrilling drama flick, Curtis LaForche (the main character), has settled in a small Ohio town with his wife and young daughter who is deaf. Though things with the family are going along just fine, Curtis suddenly begins to experience blood-curdling nightmares. Disturbing, yes. But what exactly is causing these dreadful dreams?

Number 9: “Submarine.”

This touching drama follows the inner battle between a teenage boy who’s conflictd between what to do first: to lose his virginity or to stop his mother from leaving his father. An emotion-filled story of adolescent confusion.

Number 8: “Terri.”

Terri is a young, overweight young man who is caregiver to his ill uncle. With all the time and stress spent taking care of his relative, Terri is oblivious to the fact that he might need his uncle as well. This comedy/drama will have you laughing and crying at the same time.

Number 7: “Meek’s Cutoff.”

Set in the 1800’s, “Meek’s Cutoff” is cinematic proof that bragging rights aren’t always bestowed on the loudest voice. A drama/western perfect for that adventurous couple.

Number 6: “Like Crazy.”

Feel the heartbreak in this international love story. Just as a young British college student falls for an American, an over-stayed Visa may cause the love of his life to disappear forever.

Number 5: “Cold Weather.”

The dramatic “Cold Weather” tells the story of Sherlock Holmes wanna-be’s. When a young man’s ex-girlfriend disappears, he immediately recruits the help of others to locate her.

Number 4: “Pariah.”

This film walks us through the confused life of a teenaged African American girl fighting to embrace her sexuality. With the help of her best friend, she moves towards leading a proud, lesbian lifestyle.

Number 3: “Weekend.”

In another film highlighting the struggle for sexual identity, this flick features Russell, living the straight life until Glen pops into his life. The seemingly insignificant one night stand proves much more meaningful.

Number 2: “A Warm Wind.”

You can’t get more emotional or sincere than this military-inspired drama. This flick centers around Buck, a Marine veteran, struggling with PTSD and disabilities as he comes home to no real family or friends. David, Buck’s cousin, must decide whether to take him in and care for him or hand him over to the government.

Number 1: “Turkey Bowl.”

Every year, 10 buddies gather in a Los Angeles park for some touch football, an ostensibly friendly game that seems to brings out both positive and unsavory aspects of human nature. This smart dramedy unfolds in real time. This offbeat comedy is sure to grab a chuckle or two.

Although in 2011 the Drama category seemed to dominate, there is enough variety, thrill, laughter, and tears to definitely differentiate the films. So, get your popcorn ready and take it away!

Anthony Silver is a movie blogger and indie film enthusiast. And he is particularly fond of video contests.


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