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Universal Pictures Latest Movie 47 RONIN

  New Action Movie With Keanu Reeves – 47 RONIN If you haven’t already seen the trailer for 47 Ronin, then you have...

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Vanessa Williams Role In “The Trip To Bountiful” May Break Color Barriers

After last year’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire ignited a debate over multiracial revivals of traditionally White productions, a new Broadway show prepares to...


Final Trailer to “Zero Dark Thirty”

Reminiscent of the first trailer of “The Social Network”, Sony reenlists Scala & Kolacny Brothers for the final “Zero Dark Thirty” trailer. The...


Iron Man 3 Official Movie Trailer

After the Avengers movie my inner nerd was in heaven. Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Nick Fury, and Hawk all together on the same screen...


Shower Power in the Movies

Bathrooms have featured a lot in movies over the years. It seems that we Brit’s can’t get enough of toilet humour – be...

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Avengers Sequel Announced for 2015

  Comic book fans got some good news today as Walt Disney Studios announced the highly anticipated sequel to the billion dollae box...


Bourne Legacy Movie Trailer – Entertainment

Well world the new Jason Bourne movie is finally out in theaters and now playing. You may remember the legendary acting performances in...


The Top 5 Movie Gems

Rack your brains and think back. Over the years a number of films have featured precious gemstones as the focus for their plots....

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“Think Like A Man” Movie Reviews Are In

The “Think Like A Man” movie, Based on the Steve Harvey book “Act like a Lady, Think like a Man,” is about a group of men...

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Where to Spend Money When Creating an Independent Film

When you are working on producing an independent film, most likely the project will be driven purely by passion and not a large...


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