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Stop Comparing Khloe Kardashian To Kim And Kourtney

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Any younger sibling can tell you that growing up as a little sister or brother comes with a very special set of pitfalls, but growing up the younger sister to Kim and Kourtney Kardashian is another ballgame entirely. So, how did that experience shape Khloe Kardashian?

The youngest Kardashian sister, 28, says that she understand she’s not a teeny little gal, and that being in the public eye can be hurtful but also, kinda weirdly helpful.

“I’m confident in who I am,” Khloe told Cosmopolitan UK recently. “I’ve always known that I’m not Kim and I’m not Kourtney – I’ve always been OK with that. I probably thought I was prettier before I entered the spotlight because being compared to somebody else every day does sort of beat up your spirit and soul. But it’s made me stronger. I’ve gained another level of confidence. I’m pretty tough.”

And she’d have to be. After Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered in 2007, any sort of sisterly insecurity was magnified to the bazillionth degree, because the world suddenly felt free to weigh in on the issue (so to speak).

“I was quickly criticized for not being a cookie-cutter sister like Kourtney and Kim,” Khloe remembered.

She’d gained a fair amount of weight after their father passed away in 2003, and after hearing that criticism from reality fans around the world, she set her mind on slimming down in a bid to make herself feel better. She did, and it did…temporarily.

“I lost about 30lbs before I did Kourtney And Khloé Take Miami,” Khloe explained. “I was feeling so good about myself and I was still so critiqued. I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, if I’m not good enough now…’ And that’s when something clicked in my brain: I have to do whatever is good for me… I feel that I’m healthier [now], but I don’t think I’m prettier thinner.”

You go, KoKo! We always dig that Khloe is such a hilarious badass, but her honesty is what really gets us every time.


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