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Seven Classy Mini-Bags and Clutches for Special Occasions

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Classy Mini-BagsThere is no such thing as too many bags, or too many shoes. Most fashionable women have a serious obsession with these two clothing accessories, and as most of you already now, there is a seemingly infinite number of possibility. There are also different types of bags with very specific uses. There are bags for everyday use, for weekends at the beach, for formal attires, for special occasions, for work and many, many more.

Most of us are dreaming of our very own Channel clutch, and although they may yet be out of our price range, it can’t hurt to “window-shop”. Within our list we have also included clutches, totes, and pocket books that will not burn a whole through our budgets. Brace yourselves for the top 10 most fashionable purses that will chic-ify any outfit:

1. Mini Knit Chain Bag

This exquisite Dolce & Gabanna Mini chain bag, features the softest leather and a beautiful knit pattern. It is an excellent choice for your little black dress. Thanks to its golden chain it can also be assorted with a metallic outfit. And speaking of metallic accessories…

2. Sequin-Embellished Bag

Gap has created a cute little bag that will turn many heads. For only 40$ you can purchase this delightful mini-chain bag, which you can be easily accessorized with a vintage outfit. Metallic and glittery accessories are hot this season, so why not make the most of this year’s trends, while you still can?

3. Cobble Hill Bee Wristlet

Simple, elegant, beautiful, these are the three words that best describe this Kate Spade wristlet. It is large enough to hold your cards, cash, and phone, but not so big that you would mind carrying it around. As far as materials go, the Cobble Hill leather is very soft, and the zipper add an interesting detail to it.

4.  Reef Pocket Book

This girly wallet purse can fulfill the desires of both free-spirited girls and conservatory ones. The delicate patterns created by the floral textiles will compliment any type of outfit, and because it is hand-woven, you can be sure that nobody will have one like it. The Reef pocket book was created by  artisans from Guatemala, and it features a removable thin leather shoulder strap and a button closure.

5. Belted Pouch

Number five is a belted pouch by Michael Kors. What we particularly liked about it is the interesting mix of materials, and the pattern on the leather. It has a large metallic golden chain, and an interesting brown strap with metallic details. It comes in black and brown, and it is the perfect size for holding your telephone, wallet and cards.

6. “Robinson” Wallet on a Chain

The “Robinson” wallet on a Chain purse is sure to brighten up any outfit thanks to its vivid colors and beautiful details. Although it available in black, we would recommend the royal fuchsia shade. It features a wallet-like interior, where you can place your most important items.

7.  The Elongated Frame Handbag by Hermes

Granted, this bag may be well out of your price range, but it is so gorgeous that we could not exclude it. In many ways it reminds us of something that our grandmothers used to carry around. It is ladylike, sophisticated and undoubtedly classy.



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