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Nicholas Cage not starring in “Expendables 3’, at least not yet

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Rumors have been flying all week that actor Nicholas Cage would be appearing in the upcoming ‘Expendables 3’ but according to Sylvester Stallone, Cage has not yet agreed to the part.

Apparently there was some confusion over an interview that Stallone gave to the Spanish newspaper El Pais earlier this week. The quotes used that referred to Cage were taken from a press conference earlier this year for ‘The Expendables 2’ when Stallone expressed interest in working with Cage. During the press conference Stallone mentioned several actors that he would like to include in the upcoming film such as Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes.

When Cage was asked about the possibility of being in “The Expendables” he said “I haven’t really pursued that. I don’t know much about it except what I read on the internet. Sylvester Stallone is somebody that I like and he’s always been very friendly to me over the years so I would consider it nut I haven’t had any formal discussions about it.”

Here’s to hoping that Cage and Stallone can get together and make this rumor a reality. In case you are questioning Cage’s action star chops here are just a few of his best action roles.

Con Air

Sure it’s campy, but it also has one of the best ensemble casts in movie history: John Malcovich, John Cusack, Steve Buscemi, Danny Trejo, Dave Chappelle, Ving Rhames. Whether sabotaging a takeoff or crash landing on the Vegas strip our man Cameron Poe always does the right thing even when kicking some major ass.

Gone in 60 seconds

Another great cast, a great soundtrack and some seriously sexy cars. Cage again plays the reluctant hero as he teams up with his old crew to steal 50 cars in one night and save his brother Kip’s life.

The Rock

Directed by Michael Bay and starring Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage, does this need further explanation? Like any great Cage movie, his quirky delivery takes a decent action plot and turns it into a great piece of action cinema.


The premise is ridiculous but John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, under the direction of John Woo turned this into one damn good action movie. Let’s face it; we were all rooting for Cage to come out on top whether he was playing the evil Castor Troy or good guy Sean Archer. Throw in some great Woo cinematography (doves entering the church before the shootout) and a boat chase and, at least in my opinion, this is reason enough for Cage to have a place in the next film in “The Expendables” franchise.


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