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Lifestyle Habits to Enhance Female Sex Drive

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Estimates show that nearly one-third of American women suffer from libido problems. This issue is the most common in older women who are in or approaching their menopausal years. However, the condition also often affects women as young as their twenties. Some data even shows that the condition is on the rise, but it may also be that women today are feeling more free to admit that there’s a problem.

What Causes It?

Low libido is a real health issue with many causes. Some of the most common culprits include hormonal contraceptive use, diet, lifestyle habits, estrogen dominance and certain prescription medications. Some health conditions may also damage the libido such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, being over or underweight, hypothyroidism and metabolic disorders.

What to do About It?

Despite the common status of decreased female sex drive, it is a surprisingly easy one to treat. Since lifestyle habits are most often to blame for it, it’s typically best to address them first.

Get More Exercise

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is strongly associated with a decrease in levels of sex hormones as well as a general lack of blood flow to the genitals. Many women who suffer from a low libido may exercise very little or not at all. In most cases, beginning a regular fitness regimen, around 30 minutes a day at least five days each week, women will quickly notice an improvement in their sexual drive and sensitivity. Benefits peak after around three to six weeks. Weight-bearing exercise is considered to be the most effective way for women with sexual dysfunction to remedy the problem. These types of exercises cause much larger increases in the body’s production of sex hormones than cardiovascular exercises alone.

Look at Pornography

Studies have shown that looking at pornographic material for just a few minutes each day causes a significant increase in sex hormone levels, even for women. If you don’t feel comfortable looking at it by yourself, it’s also an excellent activity for couples to engage in together.

Get Out, Get Around

Spending too much time in and around the home tends to make people feel like they’re in a rut after a while. This feeling of stagnation, which makes things feel very dull and unexciting, can make female sex drive plummet. This is particularly common for women who are stay-at-home moms or wives as well as those who work from home and don’t have much of a social life, so the resulting sexual stagnation can normally be remedied by taking up activities outside of the home. These can include volunteering, going to the gym, walking the dog or going out with friends. Many women also report enhanced desire when they go places and do things with their partners.

Change Your Diet

Sometimes, the foods you eat may be the cause for your womanly woes. Things like soy, conventional dairy products and many herbs promote estrogen overload in the body, suppressing the action of other, more beneficial sex hormones like testosterone. Ridding your diet of estrogenic foods can return you to a more hormonally normal state, but it may take a few weeks before the effects become noticeable.


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