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Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess In “Upside Down” Trailer

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I’ts been a minute since we’ve seen the loveable Kirsten Dunst in a new film. The actress is coming back in a starring role, where she will be reenacting that infamous upside down kiss. This time, she’s trading in Spiderman for an average, working man played by  Jim Sturgess in the new film “Upside Down”. The first trailer was released, giving an insight as to what to expect from the sci-fi romance story.

The film is set in an alternative universe where the affluent lives reside in one world, and the lower class lives in another, separated by gravity. Their planets have reverse gravitational pulls and strict political systems that don’t allow planetary relationships. The difference, or gravity field, doesn’t seem to stop the connection between Dunst and Sturgess, who play lovers Adam and Eden. The two meet when they were younger and find each other years later. The trailer demonstrates the awesome visuals and concept from the film.

Adam and Eden are kept apart by their alternate worlds, but fight to be together. Adam finds himself in a lot of danger when people begin to find out that the two have been contacting each other. Adam must risk everything, including defying gravity, as he searches for Eden in her affluent world.

“Upside Down” was written and directed by Argentinian filmmaker, Juan Diego Solanas. Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess star alongside Jayne Heitmeyer, Larry Day, Holly O’Brien, Heidi Hawkins, Jesse Sherman, and Nicholas Rose in “Upside Down”, which hits theaters nationwide on March 15th.


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