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Drake Demands Payment From Retailers Over “YOLO”

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YMCMB rapper Drake got his Grinch on when he took to his Instagram account to call out Macy’s and Wal-green’s for using the “YOLO” phrase without paying him a fee. Keep in mind Drake wasn’t the first artist to use the “YOLO” phrase but he made it popular when he used it as the chorus to his “The Motto” single featuring Tyga and Lil Wayne. Drake first uploaded a picture he snapped at a Walgreens that had hats with “YOLO” written on them with the caption, “Walgreens…you need to chill or cut the cheque.”

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It’s not known whether Drake trademarked the popular phrase or not, and he could have a weak case if not. Later on Drake uploaded another picture that had Charlie Brown and Snoopy with the words “YOLO…it’s my motto.” Drake added a caption to the photo that read,  “Macy’s…same goes for you.”

Drake Demands Payment From Retailers Over YOLO


I see where Drake is coming from but I think it’s going to be very difficult for him to collect any sort of payment on the “YOLO” phrase without a valid trademark. The phrase is free to use for anyone until it’s trademarked.


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