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Dexter (Showtime) Season 7 Episode 4 “Run” RECAP

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The drama continues in episode 4 of Dexter Season 7 titled “Run”.  Debra Morgan is still trying to rationalize and come to grips with the reality of her brother Dexter Morgan being a serial killer.  As the episode begins Debra, Dexter, and the rest of the team at Miami Metro is quickly forming their case against Ray Speltzer, a suspected murderer.

The team eventually catches Speltzer and bring him into the station for questioning.  At fist he is quiet and does not give into the interrogation strategy; then Debra takes a shot at it.  Debra Morgan sits down with Speltzer and basically evokes a confession out of him, of which the team is extremely pleased.  Unfortunately after reviewing footage from the investigation, Miami Metro realizes that they never informed Speltzer of his rights, so his confession was ruled inadmissible in court by a judge.  With this, Speltzer was set free to go.


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Dexter Morgan decided that having Speltzer out on the streets free to kill again was too much for him.  He sends his son Harrison away for a few days as he begins to figure out how to snag Speltzer.  Eventually Dexter Morgan and Speltzer cross paths, but unfortunately Dexter ends up on the wrong side and is forced to fight his way through Speltzer’s maze of death in his house.  After escaping, Dexter realizes he must get rid of Speltzer quickly before he escapes again.  Dexter eventually is able to subdue Speltzer at the cemetery where he is employed and ultimately sends him and his slides from other murders through the cremation machine.

As all of this is unfolding, Angel Batista and Joey Quinn are busy following up on the murder of their own police officer down at the strip club.  Angel Batista is not too excited to find out that Joey Quinn seems to be developing a relionship with one of the girls at the club named Nadia.  Isaac Sirko, the head of the Ukrainian Mob that runs the strip club gives one of his employees Alex an ultimate:  kill himself with the gun used to kill Viktor (and the police officer) and take the blame for the murder or his family in Russia will be killed.  He chooses to save his family and ultimately sends a bullet through his head and kills himself with a ‘suicide note’ and confession on the table.

There are definitely a lot of twists and turns in this new episode of Dexter, so be sure to tune in next week for episode 5!


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