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Dexter (Showtime) Season 7 Episode 3 “Buck the System” RECAP

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Episode 3 in the dramatic seventh season of Showtime television series Dexter begins with Wayne Randall’s (convicted murderer that committed suicide) mother bringing in extra belongings that she has held onto for her son.  The emotional meeting at Miami Metro is short-lived and they gather the evidence in order to bring closure and comfort to the victims’ families.  The evidence also brings Hannah McKay, one of Randall’s accomplices, to the forefront of Miami Metro as she may have new evidence and information relating to the killings.  Hannah McKay and Dexter Morgan  seem to hit it off really well and both give very interesting responses to one another as Dexter grabs a moth swab for DNA evidence.

As you continue reading enjoy some images from Episode 3 of Dexter:

This episode also sees tension between Dexter Morgan and Louis (Masuka’s assistant).  Louis is out to get Dexter and is finding out piece by piece exactly how Dexter operates.  He even goes as far as to cancel Dexter’s credit cards in order to create troubles and obstacles for Dexter.  When Dexter figures out who is behind all of the mischief, he is very angry and enraged.  Dexter then sets out to make sure that Louis is gone for good and discretely sets Louis up by returning evidence from an old case that Louis had taken for himself.   When Masuka finds out that Louis has been stealing from the department he is immediately fired.  Louis then begins to plot and plan another attack on Dexter Morgan.  Unfortunately Louis finds himself in a bad situation when  Isaac Sirko, the head of the Ukrainian Mob confronts him as he is sabotaging Dexter’s boat.  Sirko believes Dexter Morgan (owner of that boat slip) is responsible for the murder of his son and employee Viktor.  Dexter was not home at the time, so Louis ultimately pays the price for Dexter’s actions and is killed on the spot and dumped by Sirko’s men.

Another important player in the third episode is Ray Speltzer, who is a suspect in two murder cases with Miami Metro.  Although Ray Speltzer has not been convicted or even arrested (from lack of evidence), Dexter Morgan sets his sights on the suspicious cemetery grounds keeper.  At one point he even pulls his sister Debra Morgan aside to explain how Ray Speltzer is exactly why he does what he does.  Debra instantly snaps Dexter out of it by telling him that he must ‘play by the rules’ and let the police bring him in for a fair trial.

As time elapses Debra realizes that maybe Dexter is right, and that the police cannot always bring tru justice to criminals like  Ray Speltzer.  She then sets off to do some investigating of her own at Speltzer’s residence.  When she hears the screams of a young woman coming from the house, she instinctively runs in with her gun drawn.  She then finds herself in a maze of barbed wire and dangerous twists and turns as Speltzer plays a sick sexual game with the young woman who is running for her life.  Speltzer soon realizes that he and his female prey are not alone and tries to hunt down Debra Morgan.  Just in time as always, Dexter comes to the rescue and saves his sister, but Speltzer escapes.

At the end of the episode Debra concludes that maybe what Harry Morgan taught Dexter is a necessary evil in order to keep the true cycle of justice rolling.  If Dexter would have killed Speltzer when he had the chance, the net result would have been one life saved and a killer would have been put away for good.  Now Debra has to chase down this killer and has another victim on her hands…



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