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Leonardo DiCaprio Wants Ivory Trade Ban In Thailand Stopped

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Famed Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio is known for being one of the best thespians working today, but off the silver screen he’s known for his big heart and all the charitable causes that he is personally apart of. Now DiCaprio is using his immense star power to help bring attention to the Ivory Trade in Thailand, one that is killing many of the country’s elephants.

DiCaprio is calling on the government of Thailand to completely ban the Ivory Trade in their country, as part of a global campaign to help stem and cut off illegal wildlife crimes. International conservation group World Wildlife Fund said in a statement Tuesday that DiCaprio is sending out personal email to his friends and supporters to encourage them to sign a petition addressing Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra over the wildlife trade.

In the email, DiCaprio called on the Thai government to take the lead on elephant conservation by shutting down the ivory market. Although Thai law prohibits sales of African tusks in the kingdom, ivory from domesticated elephants can be traded legally.


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