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Dexter (Showtime) Season 7 Episode 2 “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl” RECAP

As the second episode of Dexter begins, we see Dexter Morgan taking responsibility and ownership of his murderous and serial killer tendencies.  He confesses to his sister Debra Morgan that he is in fact the serial killer that Miami Metro has been following for quite some time.  Debra is really shocked and appalled at this news and initially wants to report him to the police.

Dexter Morgan pleads with his sister to ‘understand’ and to hear him out.  He explains that their father, Harry Morgan was the one who taught Dexter everything he knows and that his killing in fact serves a good purpose.  The two go back and forth the entire episode debating on the moral grounds of ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

One dramatic turning point in episode 2 is the fact that Debra Morgan forces her brother to move in with her.  She does this as an attempt to keep him from his ‘late night adventures’ and ultimately monitors him very closely.   This causes great stress for Dexter and he feels like a trapped animal with no freedom to move around.  This built up tension causes Dexter to act out and he even gets violent with one of the suspects in another murder trial during questioning.  As Dexter has to try and remain calm and keep it together he is also fending off others who seem to be closing in on his personal space.

Some photos from the episode:

The tension between assistant Louis and Dexter Morgan also begins to escalate during this episode.  Louis is persistent and consistent of making Dexter Morgan’s life incredible difficult, of which Dexter himself is not too fond.  At one point during the episode Dexter even makes Louis his next target, but is unable to kill him due to his guilt of the promise to his sister to remain ‘good’.

Joey Quinn and Detective Angel Batista have no time to rest as they are fresh on the trail of the murder of one of their own, Det. Mike Anderson.  Lucky enough for Joey Quinn, he finds himself beginning the investigation at a strip club surrounded by beautiful foreign women.  He even gets a little friendly with one of the strippers named Nadia, and the two seem to begin a personal relationship.

Dexter Morgan also finds a weird comfort talking to convicted murderer Wayne Randall, who takes police to the bodies of many of his victims.  For Dexter he feels close to Randall because he too understands what it is like to take another man’s life, but wonders how other people can live with it themselves.  Dexter asks Randall a few questions and seems to be gaining intellectual insight into hi own life.  This dream is literally killed as Randall jumps in front of a moving semi-truck and commits suicide   Ironically enough Dexter is the one left with blood on his hands (and rest of his body) as the episode comes to a dramatic end.


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