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Chris Brown Accused Of Lying On Community Service Documents

Chris Brown Becomes Latest Victim Of Swatting

Rihanna may have gotten over the assault case with Chris Brown, but the courts haven’t. According to TMZ, Brown allegedly lied about his court ordered community service hours. TMZ reports that the Los Angeles District Attorney filed legal documents claiming that Chris Brown violated his probation by submitting  fake community service documents.

The Chief of Police of Virgina, Bryan T. Norwood wrote a letter to the judge saying that Brown had completed more than the required 180 days of community service with 202. In his letter, Norwood included documents that stated that the singer had worked at Tappahannock Children’s Center doing odd jobs such as painting, cleaning windows, cutting grass, taking out the trash, and waxing floors. Brown’s mother was once a director at the children’s center who reported the times, locations, and types of duties done by Chris. The supervising deputy was told that she did not have to monitor Brown during the times at the Children’s Center.  In fact, Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos told the probation officer that there was a court order to remove Brown’s probation to the police chief. The DA claims Chris Brown may have had a previous relationship with Norwood.

The documents from the DA also state how Brown’s lawyer coached Richmond Police Department on how to answer questions regarding Brown’s community service to investigators and also tried to get a worker at the center to speak on behalf of Chris Brown. The worker refused to lie and told the DA that he was the only person to wax the floors of the center in three years. The  DA calls Brown’s documentation “sloppy” as some dates that were entered, the singer was performing concerts.

The District Attorney is asking the judge to deny Brown’s documents and allow him to do the community service in Los Angeles. The singer may also be in trouble for violating parole with the issue of the fight between him and Frank Ocean and throwing a chair on “Good Morning America”.

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