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Boardwalk Empire creator shares finale secrets with EW

The third season of Boardwalk Empire comes to a close, but not without creator, Terence Winter, giving away some juicy details on Sunday’s full-gangster-style shoot-em-up closer. He reveals which characters survived the epic blood bath and what to expect in the upcoming fourth season.

Terence talks with Entertainment Weekly about the finale episode. When asked what he hoped the finale would accomplish, Winter stated “It brought us full circle. The full rehabilitation of Nucky’s rehabilitation with his brother,” he said. “It brought a conclusion, of sorts, to the Nucky and Margeret’s relationship,” he added.

In the finale, bad guy Gyp Rosetti played by Bobby Cannavale, dies. While Winter wanted to keep the character, it made sense to have the “monster” die in the end. When asked about Gillian Darmondy, who was last seen following a heroin overdose, the creator stated she was alive.

The next season will be set in 1924, a year after the blood bath with the rise of Capone. The show will aim to portray the Capone era while mixing it’s own fictional story-line  Winter was more hush on the secrets on the newest season, but ensured it’ll be something worth the watch!


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