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Discovery Channel Cancels American Guns


American Guns

Discovery Channel confirmed on Monday that the reality show American Guns is cancelled. The show, about a Colorado family in the gun business, will no longer be on the Discovery Channel due the network not wanting to be linked with the Sandy Hook shooting.

“American Guns concluded earlier this year,” the network said in a statement. “Discovery Channel chose not to renew the series and has no plans to air repeats of the show” The network, however, did not state whether the decision was linked to the Sandy Hook shooting in Newton, Ct, which brought gun violence and gun control to the forefront of the national conversation.

Tweeters had mixed reactions to Discovery’s decision to cancel the show. Some viewer’s applauded the network’s decision, while others were disappointed in the show’s cancellation.

On Saturday, Paige Wyatt, star of the series, posted on her Facebook page a screen shot of a tweet sent to her on Sautrday saying “@PaigeWyatt Sickening to zap into American Guns right after the #Newton shooting. Are you aware that you are encouraging this culture?”. Wyatt responded by saying the guy “needs to be educated.”

Similarly, Syfy didn’t air Friday’s planned episode of Haven featuring violence at a high school and TLC postponed the premiere of Best Funeral Ever to January 6th.  Fox also yanked Family Guy and American Dad from its schedule on Sunday night.


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