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What NOT to Do in Las Vegas for a Bachelor Party

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Well, this is a list that could go on for some time… Going to Las Vegas for your bachelor party is of course one of the most legendary ways to send the groom off into married life with a genuinely impressive bang. The Town of Temptation has quite a lot of pitfalls attached to it though, so listen up and listen good (unless you want to end up married to a transvestite croupier, in which case go right ahead…):

1: Don’t get married. Seriously. The Nevada state laws on marriage licences have made the subject of many a hilarious movie caper – but they do happen in real life. Getting smashed out of your brains and marrying a retired glamour model is not a good way to start your bachelor party. Unless you are happy to spend enormous sums of money getting your marriage annulled of course!

2: Don’t lose all your money. Gambling is seductive, especially when you are doing it in the modern equivalent of Babylon. But remember – when you lose, you lose. Set yourself a budget for each day and do not exceed it no matter what. When your stake money is gone, it’s gone. Temptation is part of the deal in Vegas – if you succumb you can end up in a world of trouble. Fancy explaining to your wife to be how you spent the wedding fund at the roulette table? Didn’t think so.

3: Don’t get arrested. Nevada state troopers are no more amenable to antisocial behaviour than any other police forces. Vegas encourages excess – but when you overstep the mark the law will come down on you like a ton of bricks. Spending your bachelor party in a cell is no way at all to have any fun.

4: Don’t split up the group. Drunk bachelor party attendees in the world’s least trustworthy city are easy marks for con artists – and these people come in all shapes and sizes, believe me. Stick together and stay sober enough to recognise when someone is leading you on. Unless, again, you want to wake up broke and/or arrested. Or in the middle of nowhere with no clothes on.

5: Don’t call your wife to be at four a.m. to tell her that you’re in a strip bar but you love her. She doesn’t want to know. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, for a reason. No woman likes to think about her knight in shining armor drooling over another woman’s assets and stuffing dollar bills into her pants.

6: Don’t plough into the casino buffet without betting. They know what you’re doing, they can see you on their cameras. Seriously – I once got banned from three of the biggest casinos in Vegas for a weekend for doing just that. I had to sit in the hotel while everyone else went ahead and lost all their money at the craps table. Still, at least I ended up with a bit of cash to take home with me!

7: Don’t get so wasted on the last night that you can’t drive home. A lot of people like to do a road trip to Vegas for their bachelor party, which is great until you drive home drunk and end up in a fender bender that costs more than the rest of the trip put together.

Vegas is an amazing place, where you can do all sorts of cool stuff. Just remember though – you are not Tony Montana, you are not Cool Hand Luke. You’re just a regular guy who can’t afford to lose everything he owns!

About the Author:

The above article is composed and edited by Rosette Summer. She is associated with many fashion and designing communities as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to stag weekend , fashion accessories, mobile applications, etc.


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