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The Five Top Jazz Venues in Europe

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Europe’s jazz fans are pretty discerning about where they choose to relax to their favourite sounds and they are fortunate to be blessed with a plethora of great venues spread around the continent. As a fan, no matter where you are, you will always be able to find a jazz experience to remember. Here is a selection of five of the best venues in some of Europe’s finest cities.

Boisdale, London

It usually takes a while for a new venue to earn a reputation, but Boisdale of Bishopsgate has become quickly become one of the best live jazz venues in the city of London. Attracting the world’s finest jazz musicians, Boisdale offers an unforgettable jazz experience for the most discerning aficionado. What could be better than dining on great food or sipping on some of the best cocktails in town, while soaking up the coolest jazz sounds around? You can immerse yourself in the Boisdale experience every night except Sunday at one of the finest.

Jazz Bar, Madrid

Hidden away in the heart of Madrid is the cosy and intimate Jazz Bar. Locals have enjoyed the music and the atmosphere here for 30 years but few outsiders manage to find it. It serves a wide selection of drinks that provide the perfect complement to the great jazz music that patrons love. But be prepared, as this intimate little venue can get quite crowded, so get there early to ensure that you get the chance to enjoy a night of fantastic music.

Jazzkeller, Frankfurt

If you are in Frankfurt then you have the chance to visit Germany’s leading live jazz venue, the Jazzkeller. The Jazzkeller’s reputation is well earned after some 60 years of great music and playing host to the likes of Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie and Johnny Hodges among other jazz legends. The intimate atmosphere of this small basement grotto is an experience not be missed, but it is usually closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so time your visit carefully

Casa Del Jazz, Rome

If you are on an Italian getaway in Rome and need a fix of your favourite music, the Casa del Jazz is the place to go. The Casa is beautifully sited in one of the city’s fine gardens, so you can enjoy the wonderful music with a touch of nature at the same time. The auditorium is a great setting and the restaurant serves excellent food, and nothing could be more relaxing than the terrace in those warm summer months.

Jazzhuss Montmartre, Copenhagen

Jazzhuss Montmartre has been going since 1959, when the sounds of Dixieland jazz resonated around its walls. It has moved around during its long history, during which guests have had the pleasure of listening to the likes of greats Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie, but has now returned to its original location and is run as a non-profit organisation. Italian food is available at the reasonably priced café though dining stops when the performances start at 8.00pm.

This article was written by John, a jazz fan from london and a regular at Boisdale.


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