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Amber Tamblyn Joins Two And A Half Men

Two and a Half Men has said good bye to both Charlie Sheen and Angus T. Scott, but they’re still going strong. Now...

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Two And A Half Men To Replace Angus T. Jones With Long Lost Daughter Of Charlie Harper

With Angus T. Jones leaving Two and  a Half Men, the series is on the search for a new ‘half’. Jones plays Jake...


Angus T. Jones and the future of Two and a Half Men

A few months ago, child star Angus T. Jones sparked controversy when he took to the web to rant against Two and a...

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Will Angus T. Jones be leaving Two and a Half Men?

As if this story couldn’t get any stranger, just one day after a video Angus T. Jones calling his hit show Two and...


Actor Angus T. Jones finds god and declares his show “Two and a Half Men” filth

The television show “Two and a Half Men” has made his rich and famous over the last nine years, but now young actor...


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